celebrating our wins at a time where positivity has taken a hit

hello friends, welcome to Pour Me a Story. I want to start with a quote from my good pal Mike Taddow.

one of the (incredibly inconsequential) things I’ve lost since March is my part-time bartending job. I’d work brunch every Saturday and, extra pocket money for sneakers aside, the thing I enjoyed most was being able to bullshit with friends and regulars and folks from Twitter who’d come from around Denver and the country to say hi on their travels, and hear the stories from their week, for better or worse

this is what the newsletter will contain: a bunch of good news, celebrating our individual success and wins that we might otherwise be hesitant to share during such a difficult time in our country for so many people. but sometimes maybe it’ll deal with other types of feelings, because that’s okay too.

the first issue date is TBD but stay tuned! in the meantime, subscribe now and tell your friends. because we all need some good news in our lives.